Non-sensitive (NON-SE)

Non sensitive elements (NON-SE) intended:  to connect TRIBO-S processing unit with sensitive element; pass the gates or building in the line with fence;


Non sensitive element is a part of the TRIBO-S fence
protection system which is not sensitive for deformation and vibration. It is
using to transmit signals between TRIBO-S unit and sensitive element or connect
SE-86 with SE-86 using connection sleeves.


Non sensitive element max. length in one input channel of TRIBO-S processing unit is 300 meters, it can be interchange with SE-86  to NON-SE to SE-86.

Non sensitive elements isolation is not protected from the outside weather conditions so the element must be protected with plastic corrugated tube when mounted on the fence or underground.


TRIBO-S processing unit installation near the fence.

Variant where TRIBO-S processing unit installed near the fence (in security room) at distance from the protected fence were sensitive elements is mounted. In this variant with one TRIBO-S processing unit we can protect up to 1200 meters of the fence. The maximum length of sensitive element and non-sensitive for one detection zone is SE-86 300 meters; NON-SE 300 meters.


Requirement for TRIBO-S system „one detection zone up to 50 meters“ for integration with CCTV system.

Variant where requirement for TRIBO-S system to give alarms in different detection zones lengths. Detection zone can be from 1 meter up to 300 meters. Below you see the drawing were requirement was to have alarm from detection zone 50 meters, 2 lines of sensitive element it is standard for 2 meters high fence.


Using NON-SE element to pass gates and buildings.
Variant where in detections zone is a gates and buildings. Using connection sleeves and non-sensitive element we can arrange the non-sensitive gaps in detection zone. In this option we use connection sleeve to connect SE-86 with NON-SE, using the protection pipe lay the NON-SE element under the entries road and using the connection sleeve connect NON-SE with SE-86 on the fence. So the same detection zone before gate and after. For gate protection we offer to use FMC 10 (50) or FMC 24 Pro (50).