Sensitive element (SE-86)

The sensitive element (SE-86) mounted on the fence is meant for electrical signal generation under mechanical or vibration actions on the fence. The sensitive element is special cable which is made by FORTEZA technical tasks


Sensitive element is a part of the TRIBO-S fence protection system which registers deformation and vibration of the protection fence section, where is mounted sensitive element. Section element connected to TRIBO-S processing unit directly or by using non-sensitive (NON-SE) wire. Intended for the protection of any types of fences from an intrusion by means of climbing over or destroying them.

Advisible Installation Layout

barb wire barrier, coil , mesh wire; wooden, brick, ferroconcrete, steel barrages; metal grates; roofs of buildings, hangars, gates;.


The sensitive element is special cable which is made by FORTEZA technical tasks. The TRIBO-S Signal Processing Unit registers the electrical charges generated in the sensitive element as a result of intrusion attempt. The Processing Unit activates the alarm, if the amount of received electrical charges in sensitive element exceeds the threshold level.


  • Triboelectric effect (High resistant to changing weather conditions and industrial interference);
  • Two detection parameters deformation and vibration; 
  • Easy connection after damages, using connection sleeve;
  • Quick and easy installation; simple and convenient operation;
  • Performance/price ratio is one of the biggest advantages over similar detectors;
  • You can choose between different sensitive element lengths.


  • proceed according to the design documents;
  • make sure the ambient temperature is not less than minus 5 C;
  • laying the sensitive element along the fence, make sure, that the radius of its bend is 120 mm minimum;
  • stress points on metal mesh and grid fences should be made with plastic ties ( 140 x 3.5 mm) Nylon 6.6 self-extinguishing V2 UL94.
  • Temperature range -40/+100, distance between stress point is from 10 up to 45 cm, depends from a fence type;
  • tress points on metal rob and wooden fences should be made with galvanized wire 2.5 mm or other wire fixing elements
  • The kind of sensitive element laying depends from the fence type.


If TRIBO-S fence protection system is used as well for non-standard fences, we offer first to try how system will work/detect intruder on this kind of fence. We offer equipment for self-studying, showing to clients, demonstrating on exhibitions at special demo-price (significantly lower than retail-price).  Prepare a sensitive element about 10 meters and install it on the fence (1 or 2 segments) in your chosen way.

1) Connect to TRIBO-S unit and set up it’s sensitivity.

2) Test TRIBO-S sensitivity.

3) Test TRIBO-S for noise immunity (wind, vibration,

4) If TRIBO-S detects an intruder and don’t give alarms from
noises – this variant of laying can be used on all segments of this fence.
Sensitivity will be the same for all distance.


The maximum length of the sensitive element (Forteza sensitive element SE-86) in a single zone up to 300 m; Operating temperature from -40 °C to +50 °C