About us

We are Forteza, a Lithuania-based manufacturer and developer of modern and high-performance outdoor perimeter security systems. Forteza JSC was founded in 2005.

The company regularly participates in international exhibitions. Presented its product in more than 45 exhibitions in various countries

(Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom, France, etc.).

Our technical solutions provide perimeter protection for everything: from private property or small offices to big estate and commercial objects.

With fully-certified systems, manufactured here in Europe, we’ve created a distributor network for our products around the world driven

by competitive price levels. Backed by years of experience in developing innovative technical and specialized security solutions, we bring you the

Microwave Bistatic Sensors from Forteza FMC Series and the Forteza TRIBO-S Fence Protection System.

With an amazing quality-price ratio and a high level of integration, these systems are precisely crafted to prevent intruder entry by setting off a proximity 

alarm to facilitate swiftresponse from the security personnel. We use high quality up-to-date electronic components, having a lifetime of up to 8 years. 

Each manufactured product is thoroughly inspected before it is put on the market.

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