FMC 24 Pro

Warranty 3 year ( from 1st of May, 2023)

FMC 24 Pro series microwave detectors  used to guard the surrounding territory of the object. 


  • Built-in Bluetooth ( up to 50 m.) 
  • Possibility of protecting the sensor output wire from sabotage 
  • Built-in USB
  • 8 independent channels, which allows to avoid the nearby zones affecting each other;
  • For detectors adjustment android and windows devices can be used.


FMC 24 Pro (50m) 

FMC 24 Pro (100m)

FMC 24 Pro (200m)

FMC 24 Pro (300m)

The purpose of local protective microwave detectors of “FMC 24 Pro (50m)”FMC 24 Pro (100m)“,  „FMC 24 Pro (200m)“, „FMC 24 Pro (300m)“, families (hereinafter referred to as the detector) is to protect perimeter sectors of different sites and generate the alarm when the intruder crosses the detector’s detection zone.


The detector is a bistatic microwave detector consisting of a transmitter and a receiver.
The principle of the detector operation is to generate an electromagnetic field in the space between a transmitter and a receiver. The field forms a volumetric detection zone in the form of a stretched ellipsoid of rotation and registers the changes of this field when an intruder crosses a detection zone.

Detector’s set consist: Receiver and Transmitter; Mounting kit including bracket – 2 pcs., buckle – 4 pcs.; Kit of tools and accessories including screwdriver, spanner 8×10; User manual; USB-USB cable;



The multi-threshold operation algorithm provides a high resistance to outdoor disturbances; 
8 independent channels, which allows to avoid the nearby zones affecting each other;

Using android devices with software:
  • Interference or environmental visualization and analysis in (vegetation, animals, car, etc.);
  • Operating signal (mV) visualization, more detailed positioning of the transmitter and the receiver;
  • Flexible sensitivity settings, applying sensors to the existing protection zone;
  • You can adjust the speed of movement of the offender in detection zone.

The detector is immune to the influence of strong electromagnetic fields (power lines up to 500 kV). The detector can detect a crawling intruder in case of special preparation of a sterial zone and sensitivity adjustment. NEW DIGITAL production technique of microwave modules.

The detector generates alarms when:

  • a person crosses a detection zone at a speed of 0,1…10m/sec.;
  • supply voltage is below normal one;
  • there is an attempt to mask a receiving unit of the detector;
  • there is an attempt to demount the detector;
  • the detector units are out of order.

The sensor doesn’t generate false alarms at:

  • rain,
  • snow,
  • thick fog;
  • solar radiation;
  • wind speed up to 30 m/sec;
  • objects moving with the linear dimensions up to 0,2 m (birds or small animals);
  • irregularities up to ± 0,3 m;
  • snow up to 0,5 m (without additional adjustment);
  • grass up to 0,3 m;
  • the influence of ultra-short waves emissions of the range 150-175 MHz and the power up to 40 W at the distance 6 m maximum.

Scheme of connection:

FMC 24 Pro windows software

FMC 24 Pro manual