TRIBO-S system

The system is intended for the protection of any type of fences from climbing over or destruction. An intruder will be detected before the entering into the important object territory. Security personnel can respond immediately to violations and stop the intruder before he committed a crime. 

TRIBO-S (4) has four zones. TRIBO-S (2) has two zones.


TRIBO-S system consist of:

Sensitive element ( SE-86 )

Connection sleeve (CS)

End sleeve (ES)

Non-sensitive cable (NON-SE)



The system is used on sites with irregular perimeter shape, i.e. when it is notreasonable from the economic point of view to use microwave sensors or it is impossible to provide the exclusion zone for microwave sensors. The sites include industrial facilities, airports, sites force structure, power plants, private premises, etc.



Fence types: light welded mesh; razorwire; wrought iron; bar; NYLOFOR; barbedwire; corrugate metal; wooden;brick; concertina coil; concrete fence and other.


The detector is fully passive. The system has four zones. Every zone contains sensing elements fixed to the fence.The Signal Processing Unit registers the electrical charges generated in the sensitive element as a result of intrusion attempt. The detector activates the alarm, if the amount of received electrical charges exceeds the threshold level.

TRIBO-S manual

TRIBO-S windows software