Quality Control

Forteza’s main goal is to provide the qualitative perimeter protection systems. The quality of our production is accomplished by our precise verification. We in Forteza make sure that our services and products are always kept to the highest standard and are up to date. We are always ready to provide support and advice to our clients, if any questions arise.


         Forteza’s perimeter protection systems meet the requirements EN50131 in security grade 2 and environment class 4. 

Quality Management 

The activity of the Forteza JSC is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality management system. (Manufacture, repair, and sale of security systems).

CE Standards

Forteza’s products have CE marking which indicates that our products have been evaluated by the manufacturer and deemed to meet UE safety, health and environmental protection requirements.


Forteza cares about
the planet’s environment, we use ecological packaging that are produced
by Lithuanian company. Forteza makes sure that its activities are environmental