The product is intended to connect FMC 24 Pro and TRIBO-S with centralized security system using the 485 interface.

RELAY HUB operation manual 

RELAY HUB manual 

The product scans address detection devices (DDs) via the RS-485 interface and provides information about their status to separate outputs of the “open collector” type, which can be included in the signaling loops of control panels.

The product allows to control seven DDs via two independent RS-485 interface lines with a length of 1200 m (when using a UTP/FTP type cable of the fifth category). When using RS-485 interface repeaters, the maximum length of RS-485 lines can be increased.

The operation principle of the product is based on the status scanning of the address DDs via two independent lines of the RS-485 interface and the issuance of notifications by opening the corresponding output circuits, in the event of the transition of the DD to an alarm state or in the event of malfunctions.

The board includes:

1) terminals for connecting the power supply;

2) light indicators of the status of exchange with microwave DDs;

3) light indicator of the supply voltage and the “Power” operating mode;

4) terminals of the output circuits of microwave DDs;

5) terminals of the output circuits of triboelectric DDs;

6) terminals for monitoring the opening of microwave DDs;

7) light indicators of the status of exchange with triboelectric DDs;

8) terminals for connecting RS-485 interface lines;

9) terminals for monitoring the opening of triboelectric DDs;

10) button to switch to the mode of searching DD.

Relay hub connection layout 


Options for connecting DDs

The product provides information collection via RS-485 line based on the Forteza – 485 v1.37 protocol and is compatible with the following DDs manufactured by Forteza JSC:

– TRIBO-S triboelectric detection device;

– FMC 24 Pro microwave detection device.