Sensitive element (SE-86) universal

A sensitive element is a special cable which is made in conformity with FORTEZA technical requirements. The sensitive element installed underground


The sensitive element installed underground is designed for electrical signal generation when an offender mechanically or vibrationally affects the ground above the sensitive element at a distance of 2–15 cm from it.

The length of sensitive element protection depends on the length and width of the protected zone. The sensitive element can be laid in any ground, including sand, clay, stone, etc.


The system is used in objects characterized by an irregular shape of the perimeter, the absence of a fence or an increased requirement for the placement of a hidden protected zone.

The system can have up to four protection zones. In each zone, a sensitive element is laid on the ground. The processor registers electric discharges generated by the sensitive element that detects an attempt to break into the territory. The processor activates an alarm if the number of received electric discharges exceeds the norm.


  • When laying sensitive cable on any ground, it is important to maintain its natural structure. This means that you cannot remove small stones, pour sand, or pour gravel.
  • If there are different types of ground in the protection zone, then it is necessary to check the strength of the signal from an offender along the entire length of the zone and set the trigger threshold for the minimum signal.
  • When choosing the correct width of the protection zone (the number of lines of the sensitive element), it is necessary to take into account the task that is assigned to the protection system.
  • Pay special attention to the installation of end and connection sleeves; if necessary, install them above the ground or use additional sealing means.
  • Optimum selection of the sensitivity of the processor detection zones.

The number of SE-86 lines per single input depends on the set requirements for the protection zone.